About Jeff Graham
An electrical engineering graduate of The Ohio State University, Jeff brings over 25 years of telecommunications experience to Emergence. As a technical support manager at AT&T, he was responsible for the design and support of telecommunications equipment and networking solutions for AT&T's National Accounts. Jeff and his team helped develop communications intensive applications in Banking, Insurance, Government, and Transportation industries using AT&T products and services.

As computers and telephony converged, Jeff jumped at the chance to build a business focused on both.


About Kevin Archer
Over 20 years of designing telephony software solutions. Kevin has worked on a variety of telephony projects. While at Convergys he designed/wrote applications for several Fortune 100 companies. After leaving Convergys he did some consulting work and met Jeff where they both worked to design and develop a turnkey speech recognition program. Jeff and Kevin later started Emergence. Having the wisdom of working on a mutlitude of telephony platforms, Kevin was able to help build a complete business telephony platform that Emergence's customers could use without the exorbatent start-up costs.

Today Kevin oversees the company's infrastructure needs and manages the development team. He also serves as an Officer in the Air National Guard.